Thursday, July 5, 2012

Book Review: The Color of Bones

The Color of Bones  (ages 9 and up)
By Tracy Edward Wymer

Twelve year-old Derby Shrewd lives in a divided town. Lights live on the Northside of the Line, Darks live on the Southside. Hillside has been that way ever since the Line appeared naturally from the ground, much like a spring welling up from deep inside the earth. 

Now the Line controls the town, keeping Hillside separated, zapping those who come near it and killing those who dare cross it.

But when Derby, a Northsider, finds a pile of bones stacked on the Line, he sets out to uncover the person's identity. While doing so, he befriends a Southside girl and soon begins to challenge the Line and the town's rules. And then, before he can turn back, Derby goes too far.

Educator's Guide 
The Color of Bones Educator's Guide. Anyone can click and download this five page packet for FREE. The guide features a list of discussion topics, comprehension questions, writing prompts, activities, and projects. Educators can use the guide as is or as inspiration to create their own material. Enjoy! 
Here are a couple of short excerpts to tickle your imagination:
Page 110:
I ran with a wounded leg.
I ran with a gaping wound across my stomach.
I ran with purpose greater than the world.
And never looked aback.

Page 146: 
The Line stretched across the ground, glowing white, flashing slow and deep, slow and deep, lighting up the faces all around me. The Line was alive, stable, but you never know, you just never know. 

Lynda's Review:
First let me say that this review should carry a 'Gushing Warning' attached to it. That's right! I'm overflowing with respect for this author's writing skill, and the unique story he's fashioned in The Color of Bones. 

As I mentioned, the writing is superb, perfect for the age of his readers. Mr. Wymer's style and voice are fun, quirky, and adventurous. His characters are richly portrayed and you'll enjoy meeting the challenges of this story through the mind and heart of it's main character, Derby. There is nothing ordinary about this work. The concept, the underlying spirit or truth revealed, the twisting plot, and the emotional insight all blend together to make this book one of the best I've read this year. Definitely a Five Star Rating!



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