Friday, August 24, 2012

Book Review - PUBLISH LIKE THE PROS - By Michele DeFilippo

By Michele DeFilippo
Paperback (88 Pages)
ISBN-10: 985489901
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Lynda's Review:
There are probably a zillion writers who've wondered about the shadowy world of 'Self-Publication'. The problem is, without a LOT of research, no one knows where the starting line is. For that matter, no one seems to know where the important midway points are either, or where the finish line is, if it exists at all.

This book is exactly what it claims to be, A BRIEF GUIDE TO QUALITY SELF-PUBLISHING. Don't expect to have all your questions answered in depth. There may even be certain advanced self-publishing aspects that aren't covered at all. But for the writer who is looking for that starting line, it's a great tool to set your feet on the right path. It takes you through the course, familiarizing you with the many and varied midway points, then guides you to the finish line. 

One thing I really appreciated, is that the author never fools you into thinking that this is all just as easy as riding a bike. Michele DeFilippo shows how it can be accomplished with style, but emphasizes that it takes dedication and work. She also makes the point that the material or book to be published must, first of all, be of good quality, up to professional standards. I liked the information starting on page sixty about how to determine the pricing of your work.

I think of this small book as a primer on self-publishing. And how many of us would be reading at a higher level if we hadn't started reading in those grade school primers designed to get us started in the right way. I give this four stars!

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  1. You're very welcome, Michele.

  2. This sounds like a pretty handy book, and I've always had an interest in self publishing. Think I'll check it out!