Friday, September 28, 2012

A Door of Opportunity - If you read or own a book, you've got a ticket to enter...

Dear Authors and Readers,

I’ve had many requests over the past few months to produce a newsletter for my BETWEEN THE PAGES BLOG. After giving it much thought, I’ve decided that this would be a helpful feature for my readers and for those authors who’ve been reviewed, interviewed, or spotlighted on my blog. Our Newsletter will be a monthly event ( with an occasional special update when necessary), we won’t flood your email with numerous mailings.

Our Newsletter will be mailed between the 7th and 10th of each month. If you have any content that you’d like to submit for the newsletter, that content needs to be in my hands by the 1st of the month in which you want that content to be included. (LOOK FOR OUR FIRST OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER IN NOVEMBER 2012)

All submitted content should meet the Policy Requirements of our Blog. You can find details on that HERE. All submitted content is subject to approval.)


1.       Previews of upcoming events
2.       Giveaways from our Blog, which will be exclusive to our newsletter subscribers only.
3.       Special  announcements and offers from authors hosted on our blog, (including new release information, contests, excerpts, free reads, author giveaways, book tours, signings, author written articles about their writing, or personal events related to their writing, etc. )We will strive to give our newsletter subscribers a unique view of the writing world and the people who inhabit it.
4.       Reader interviews: Readers, who wish to do so, can send us a 3-5 question self-interview that will be published in our newsletter. (To protect your privacy, please include a nickname that we can use for online posting of your material.) You can tell us about your likes/dislikes, favorite books, authors, contest, events. Tell us where you like to read, what’s your favorite snack while reading. Do you read to your children or grandchildren? Does your mate share your love of reading? How do you balance your reading time with other necessary obligations? Do you read on vacation? Have any special pets that like to sit on, or sniff your books? Well, I think you get the idea. This feature is purely for fun! It’s a way to share our love for all things bookish…
 5. Reader Critiques: Yes, this is where you can critique our reviews, interviews, or spotlights.  We welcome your opinions. (To protect your privacy, please include a nickname that we can use for online posting of your material.)
6.       Reader Reviews: That’s right! Have you read a book that you just have to tell us about? Write a short review and, if it meets our Policy Guidelines, we’ll publish it in our newsletter. How cool is that!!!

WHAT CAN AUTHORS EXPECT? (Only authors who have been interviewed, reviewed, or spotlighted by Between the Pages Blog are eligible.)

1.       A warm, friendly, but unobtrusive way to reach readers who are interested in keeping up with the latest happening on the BTP Blog.
2.       An opportunity to announce events and happenings such as those discussed in paragraph 3 of WHAT CAN READERS EXPECT.
3.       Special offers from BTP Blog: Exclusive to our authors who are subscribed to our newsletter.

A sign-up form is now available on the sidebar of our blog. We hope you will join our exclusive group.

Thank You,
Lynda Coker

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