Thursday, September 27, 2012

Book Review - Thompson Twins - Las Vegas Adventure

Thompson Twins
Las Vegas Adventure
By Lesa Hammond
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About The Book:
The Thompson Twins: Las Vegas Adventure is the first book of the Everyday Role Model Book Series, a project of Achievement U, Inc. devoted to inspiring students to live the best life they can.

In the series, real role models come into the lives of Letty and Carlos Thompson. As the role models share their stories with the twins, they also share their story with the middle grade readers. The stories are designed to engage the reader with an entertaining story while teaching principles of achievement and success as practiced by everyday people who have a successful life.

Lynda's Review:
This adventure enables Letty and Carlos to learn some lessons about life and people that will enable them to make choices through observation of others. Aimed at the 8-12 year-old bracket of readers, this look at role models and how they shape the thinking, reasoning, and value setting goals of children, is both insightful and entertaining. The author uses an unusual mix of reality and fiction which introduces the twins to various sets of situations and people that immensely broadens their scope of life's possibilities. If you have a young reader in the family, you may want to check out this series by Lesa Hammond.


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