Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Book Review - AIN'T NO BUM by Dennis C. McCreight

By Dennis C. McCreight

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About The Book:
What is a bum? Are you a bum if you're a McCoy? Look it up. No matter the source, you will find a bum defined as a lazy, inferior, worthless person. Doesn't that fit the image of a McCoy? Ask the notorious Frank McCoy and he will profanely tell you that you have no need to look up the definition. Instead, just use his son Milt McCoy as the standard for what you can expect from a bum. Is Frank’s harsh condemnation wrong? If you ask Milt’s mother, Bess, she would snort and cackle out an agreement with Frank. But if you asked any of the townspeople they would shake their heads in disagreement, and they might even sing Milt’s praises, as is the case of Sheriff Foster. As Milt’s abundant willpower and good nature conquers one challenge after another Milt picks up more and more believers. Especially, Violet Stewart, the love of his life. After watching Milt overcome challenges that many other lesser men would have succumbed to, Violet, or Vi as she prefers to be called, would heartily agree when Milt yells to the heaven that he was born a McCoy but he “ain’t no bum.” But the question is—do you agree? ~ Amazon Description~

Lynda's Review
Warning: This story will touch your heart and outrage your sense of justice. It will definitely make you want to jump into the pages of this book and smack a few people around for their bigotry and general inhumanity. But it will also bring out the cheerleader or mentor in your soul as you see how important it is to support those who demonstrate their personal worth, despite family, culture, deprivation, and other unfortunate situations beyond their control.

You will not always like Milt McCoy, the main character in this book. At times, life's little twists and turns can mold us into someone we never wanted to be. The question is, can we change? That dilemma faces Milt McCoy. But don't give up on him too early. He may surprise you.

The time period of this story adds another layer of complexity and a whole set of external problems that many older ones will find easy to relate to, and many younger readers can draw some life lessons from. The old saying that 'To Ignore History Makes You Destined To Repeated It' has always proven true. 

I'm happy to give this book Four Stars!



  1. Thank you for your kind review. You nailed the essence of what I was hoping my book's message would convey.

    It is always a thrill to find that readers not only understood the message of my book but also that they apparently enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

    Dennis McCreight - Author of "Ain't No Bum"

  2. Dennis, you're very welcome. And thank you so much for allowing me to review this book. As you can tell, I enjoyed it very much.