Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book Review - Grandpa, Were You Young Once?

Grandpa, Were You Young Once?
By William C. Gould
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About The Book:
~A look at who we were, what we did, what we learned and how times have changed for our grandkids.~ William C. Gould

Lynda's Review:
Seldom is there a book that both my husband and I enjoy together. However, this book certainly fell easily into that category. In fact, I ended up reading aloud many passages which we reminisced over, laughed about, and discussed at length. Since we are grandparents, we could relate to most of the author's recollections. What a trip down memory lane!

This book has 26 chapters, each acting as a capitalist to bring to mind  old memories. Each chapter begins with a question a child might ask their grandparent such as, “Grandpa, did you have lots of good friends?,” “Grandpa, what were your favorite movies?,” “Grandpa, how did you meet Grandma?” The answers are humorous and the present day analogy is thought provoking.

While it true that any one of an age to remember the things discussed within it's pages will find this book fascinating, it also contains a profound message for those of younger years. Throughout the book the author includes several quotes that highlight that conclusion.

~"The further you can look back, the farther you can see ahead."~ 

~"Radio is the theater of the mind; television is the theater of the mindless."~ Steve Allen

~'The simplest toy, one which even the youngest child can operate, is called a grandparent."~ Sam Levenson 

What a wonderful gift this book would make for that special someone who is now in their Golden Years. And if you are a grandparent, why not use it to share with your grandchildren aspects of your life that have shaped you into the person they love. And I guarantee, that if shared with those who may be feeling depressed due to their advancing years, this book will lift their spirits and jog their memories, giving them hours of pure joy! For these reasons, I'm happy to give this book FIVE Stars!



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