Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book Review - Massacre at Bridal Veil Falls by Scotty V. Casper

Massacre At Bridal Veil Falls
By Scotty V. Casper

About The Book:
Lane Tandy and Shyann Richardson are two immigrant teenagers who are suddenly thrown together after somehow surviving the massacre of their Mormon immigrant wagon train. They decide, against all odds, to pursue the outlaws responsible for their parents' deaths and their improbable quest for revenge strengthens them immeasurably and draws them together.

They end up not only rekindling their will to survive after such a devastating loss, but they also find love as they continue their young lives in this harsh, frontier world.
About the Author:
Scotty Casper was born and raised in Utah and so brings a vibrant reality to his descriptions of the rough land Lane and Shyann must traverse. He is also a Mormon and is able to provide a depth to that theme as it runs through this nineteenth century tale. His abilities for the novel's strong characterization he attributes to a life long admiration for Dickens as well as for the Westerns of Zane Grey, Louis L'Amour and Max Brand which he has continually kept his nose in over the years.

Lynda's Review:
Author Scotty V. Casper does indeed write in the style of Zane Grey, one of my favorite western writers. His storytelling depicts characters comfortable and realistic within the setting where they are placed. Due to the tragedy that confronts them, Lane and Shyann, though young in years, are forced to grow up fast, almost overnight. Readers who enjoy a feisty heroine and a strong, but sometimes clueless hero, will find these characters both amusing and endearing.

One small thing that dampened my enjoyment of this story was it's length. I felt that the story was rushed. The character development and growing relationship between Lane and Shyann could have, in my opinion, benefited from a slower pace, more page count, that could have explored a deeper characterization of each, giving weight to this adventurous tale.

I'm happy to give this book Three Stars!


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