Monday, November 19, 2012

Gifts for Book Lovers of All Ages and Gender

Most of my readers who visit often know that I love fabric, and that dabbling in the sewing room is my way to unwind and escape from the tension and adventure found in the books I review, and write. Sometimes, I just need to change tracks, and sewing gives me that avenue.

I love the Mosaic/Collage Fiber Art that I create. If you're not familiar with those, please sneak a peek at the tutorials I've posted under the tab entitled, Colorcrazed Fiber Art. Sometimes, I just enjoy making small gift items for family and friends. I also list a few of these items for sale online.

This morning I was designing a gift set for some of my friends and family who love to read. These items are so handy on the night-table, coffee table, or desk. I liked it so well that I'm going to create some for my online shop, as well. This first one has a masculine theme, you know how hard it is to find something different for those guys in you life. The set is made with black flannel with a quilted cotton backing and includes a Book Mat, Mug Mat, Softcloth case for your glasses, and a matching bookmark,

Well, enough rambling. Back to the sewing room...


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