Saturday, November 10, 2012

Poppy and the Stranger 
by Ms. Eli Jay

About the book:

Hi, Everybody! My name is Poppy the Wandering Balloon! I am the new and latest literary hero for children and adults alike! Most people find me to be an adorable, curious, courageous, kind and friendly little green balloon. I am the first of my generation to glide through a series of fun and educational adventures all by myself. Unfortunately, now when I have all these adventures, I don't have a home of my own to share with all of you. Please adopt me into your family and home, and you won't regret it.

My friend and author, Eli Jay introduced me in Poppy, The Wandering Balloon. She shows you
how I overcame my fear of rejection by gaining the courage to be myself; which is hard to do in
this world we live in. I will teach your children that they can triumph.

In my latest adventure, Poppy and the Stranger, Eli Jay once again tells the story about my
adventures. This time, I face a dark stranger under the moonlight. In hopes of escaping from the
Stranger, I find my way through the woods, meeting both old and new forest friends. But it is
only Lyndon the Bear who can help me find a real solution to my fear. If you adopt me, you can
find out what I learned at the end of my journey. Many thanks from your little green balloon,

About The Author

Eli Jay is the author of Poppy, The Wandering Balloon and Poppy and the Stranger. She is also a
physician and a native of Washington, DC. It is here Eli lives with her family and continues to
write, produce, and illustrate several Poppy adventures. Many of these adventures will live on
through a delightful and intriguing children's series for decades to come. Poppy is not only an
adorable little green balloon, but he has also been described by many reviewers as the ultimate
inner child within each one of us. Poppy is a character who happens to be a source of inspiration,
hope and comfort to those big and small. And that is just what he will be to you and your family
as you enter his world

Breeze's Review
The book has a very cute and simple story line. I appreciated that when reading it to a younger audience. It was easy for my 3 year-old daughter to follow along with the story. She liked how the story ended and began to look for her own shadow soon after we finished reading the book together. 

The only thing that I didn't fully enjoy were the illustrations. I noticed that at times my daughter became a little worried or even scared by the illustrations. I thought the story was fun and I was disappointed that the illustrations took away from the clever story line.

Overall, this is a great story concept to teach children about fearing things that are new or that seem strange. It's also a great read for an older child who is just beginning to read for themselves.

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