Monday, November 12, 2012

Review of Morris the Village Voice by Doris Rueger

By Doris Rueger
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About the Book
In the center of a small village an advertising column that highlights all of the latest local attractions stands tall and proud. The personified column goes by Morris, and throughout Morris the Village Voice, he shares all the things he loves about being an advertising column. Children would race around him and get so excited whenever a new flyer for the circus was posted, while parents could turn to him for the latest in news and events.

But when the village’s advertising committee and mayor want to replace him with an update, glitzy billboard, Morris is heartbroken. Despite his pain, he asks two of his young visitors, Anna and Jason, for help. With the children, prayer and positive thinking on his side, Morris believes he has a great chance of standing in the middle of the village square for years to come.

Breeze's Review
This was a very different story that would be special to add to someones library. I appreciated that the book taught a very important lesson not often taught in children's books, that just because something is worn or used, it shouldn't always be thrown out to make space for something new. But, when possible, we should clean and repair things around our home, neighborhood, or community, and care for those things we're fond of.

When reading the story to my daughter I noticed that it was easy for her to follow along because the illustrations stayed true to each part of the story and it visually helped her to understand the message. I also enjoyed that the author wrote the story in a way that it taught an important lesson while still making it enjoyable for kids. She used the circus, the ice cream man, and the organ grinder as part of her story and each of those things easily held the interest of my young reader. I'm happy to give this book Four Stars!


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