Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some Things You Can't Explain!

Between The Pages welcomes back one of our special guest bloggers, Linda Swift. We never tire of reading her witty, and informative articles. What a special talent she displays as she transports her readers smack into the middle of whatever humorous situation she chooses to write about, be it fiction, or a slice-of-life.

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Lost love... Traitorous plots... Fulfilled promises... Alice Wykeham waits ten years for Malcolm Gray to return from the sea, but then her father arranges her marriage to an elderly Lord. Malcolm, shipwrecked, injured, and with changed appearance, returns too late to claim his love. He settles in Hull to be near Alice without her knowledge. When Alice's sister Mary falls for his unsuitable employee, matters become complicated. Alice soon discovers her husband Lord Talbot's involvement in a plan against the king and the use of her dowry for the cause. How will Mary's situation and the Gunpowder Plot affect Alice and the only man she will ever love? 


By Linda Swift

        It has been said "The better part of valor is silence" and I recall times in my life where this was definitely true. One situation that comes to mind is a holiday when my son and I were Christmas shopping. We had a Boston Terrier who loved to gnaw on things and play tug-of-war with a heavy sock. This was in the days before dogs had tooth brushes and their own toy departments. At least, no dogs at our income level. We headed to Finkel's Fair Trade Store where bargains were to be had. We asked a nice clerk to direct us to heavy cotton sox and he led the way to a table filled with an assortment of them.
        "What size do you need?" he asked.
        "It doesn't matter, they're for our dog." I said in a distracted tone as I was already riffling through the sox, looking for the heaviest ones.  "Here, these will do."
        I gave him a pair and he hesitated.  "Won't you need two pairs?"
        "No." I shook my head and asked where to find children's leather shoes.
        As we examined a rack of small shoes, my son and I discussed the merits of them and checked the price tags. Finally, I shook my head.  "I just can't justify paying this much for a pair of shoes for a dog when there are children who have none."
        My son reluctantly agreed and asked the clerk if they sold tennis balls. "For your dog?" he asked.
        We both answered “Yes.”
         He shook his head and recommended a sporting goods store across the street. So we paid for the sox and left with our small purchase.
        As we waited for the traffic to clear, I glanced back at the store we'd left and saw that the clerk had followed us to the door and was looking at us with a puzzled frown. I imagine he was trying to visualize our dog who walked upright wearing sox and shoes and sometimes played tennis. I considered going back and explaining but the traffic light changed and we had lots more shopping to do. Anyway, I reasoned that perhaps he needed something to relieve the boredom of his job that day.

          As long as we are thinking of dogs, it seems appropriate to share a favorite family recipe of snack food that I make on special occasions. It is easy to prepare and stores well so it can be made ahead time. Caution: Store immediately to keep or you will have to make more.





After mixture is ready, pour over cereal and stir until evenly coated. Pour confectioner's sugar into large paper bag. Add chocolate-coated cereal and shake gently to coat with sugar.
Spread on wax paper to cool completely. Store in airtight container. 

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  1. Lynda, thank you so much for inviting me to be your guest today. And thank you even more for your very kind introduction. It is always a pleasure to visit with you and your readers. I'm just getting online due to another my dentist. Now I'm off to the loops to make my presence here known. I hope many others will join us and leave their comments.

  2. What a great story about the socks and tennis ball - I wonder just what the clerk told his wife/family when he got home after work?

    1. Hi Paula, I wrote you a reply when your post came in and I think it is lost in cyberspace. I'm sure if the clerk told them this story, they thought he made it up. But it is true. Our dog used to nap after a game of chase/fetch with her tennis ball. She would sleep with the ball in her mouth and in a pose like a suckling pig on a platter. I miss her yet.

  3. I loved the story about the dog, Linda--but I adored the recipe!Thank you for that. Now where's that recipe I found for kitty-litter cake? I'm sure the cat lovers would want that.

    1. Bring on the recipe, Nikki. I have some Tootsie Rolls left over from Halloween treats and that would be the way to get rid of them. Besides, it sounds good. It's sweet, isn't it? There are no bad sweets. You would think I'd remember my dentist's cautions from this morning longer that this, wouldn't you?

  4. Linda--funny-I can see the clerk imagining a dog with only two legs--maybe not walking upright, though.Your people chow sounds much like the white chocolate pretzel pecan mix I've seen. Anything that is crunchy and sweet, I love. That reminded me that I was going to make a treat called Graham-Cracker Pecan Crunch. I got the recipe from my daughter and at Christmas make little bag of cookies and this stuff, too--they're like cookies--and neighbors called to say it was the very best snack. I'm off to the kitchen right now.

    1. Hi Celia, by all means send me those recipes that you mentioned. Both sound perfect for holiday snacks. Like we need them? Maybe put them on your next blog? Yummy. And thank you for stopping to visit.

  5. I enjoyed your story and I'm sure you did make the salesman's day interesting. :) Thanks for the recipe - glad it's easy to make!

  6. Thank you for visiting, Diane. And I hope you like the recipe as much as my family does. The key word for a recipe that appeals to me is "easy."

  7. Linda, what a great story! I always love dog stories so much. We have a big dog that is really hard to buy toys for--his jaws are just so strong and he's so big, that even the "indestructable" toys last no more than 15 minutes with him. I've bought 3 different things that he wasn't supposed to be able to tear up but he did. Great recipe! I'm going to try it out.

    1. Hi Cheryl. Thanks for visiting and telling us about your dog. I can just picture him now. The terminator! People who have never loved a dog or other pet have missed one of the most rewarding relationships they could ever have. I think a dog is God's love personified. I hope you like the recipe.

  8. Thanks for sharing that story! I really enjoyed remembering it of those classic moments!!!
    Great recipe, too! Yummy!!