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SPOTLIGHT IS ON: Author Kathryn Knight - Where do you get your ideas, and how do you find the time to write?

Rain Anderson can't decide which is more unsettling—encountering the ghost of her missing friend, or reuniting with the man whose love she foolishly rejected. But one thing is certain: the past has come back to haunt her, quite literally.
Five years ago, Rain's tight-knit group of high school friends unraveled when one vanished during their senior year. Now, a parent's deathbed request has reunited the friends at Silver Lake, including Jason Lansing, the man Rain discarded. Rain and Jason discover the powerful attraction between them has survived, but though Jason is willing to forgive, he can't let himself forget. The possibility of falling for Rain again is too risky...
About The Author:
As a child, Kathryn Knight kept her parents on a constant quest to find enough reading material to last her through each week. An early fondness for books about horses later gave way to a lasting preference for both love stories and ghost stories; as a writer, the paranormal romance genre is a perfect fit. Silver Lake is Kathryn's first novel, and she is currently working on her third novel while her second is in the editing stage. She lives in New England with her husband, her sons, and a number of rescued animals. Please visit her at or on Facebook at Kathryn Knight books.

Author Kathryn Knight Answers The Questions: 
Where do you get your ideas, and how do you find the time to write? 
Facebook Author Page
When my first novel released this past August, most people wanted to know two things:  where did I come up with the idea for Silver Lake, and how did I find the time to write it?  I usually give the short answer to the first question—specifically, that I have always had a very active imagination.  I thought I’d go into a little more detail today.
            Throughout my childhood, if I didn’t have my nose in a book, I was making up a story in my head to entertain myself.  I was the oldest child, with siblings much younger than me, and in those days the extent of electronic distractions consisted solely of morning cartoons offered on maybe 3 channels.  So I pretended my bike was a horse, and we rode off on adventures.  At the swimming pool, I was a gymnast, with the black lane lines under the water serving as my balance beam.  When I was with my friends, we would spread a blanket on the floor and pretend we were lost at sea.  All of these scenarios required back stories, plotlines, and of course plenty of conflict to keep things interesting.
My father enlisted the help of the local librarian to keep up with my reading habit.  I became hooked on ghost stories in particular when he brought Jane-Emily, by Patricia Clapp, home from the library when I was about 8 years old.  Ever since then, I’ve read all the ghost stories I could get my hands on, and watched all the movies I could find.  And in most of the stories and films, one big loophole consistently bothered me.  More often than not, the ghost writes some cryptic message somewhere—in a fogged-up mirror, on a wall, in spilled food on the kitchen counter.  Of course, this serves as one more clue in the mystery, but what I always wanted to know was: if the ghost can write a message, why not just spell out exactly what it needs?  The ghost never says “Look for my body in the basement” or “The butler did it”.  And so my idea was born.  The ghost in Silver Lake, Brandy, needs help—a certain set of circumstances—to get her message across.
Brandy mysteriously vanished during senior year of high school.  The events surrounding her disappearance eventually tore her group of friends apart, and by graduation, Rain, Jason, Allie, and A.J. were no longer speaking to each other.  But five years later, with the mystery still unsolved, the four estranged friends all begin having haunting nightmares, and eventually Brandy’s terminally ill mother convinces them to reunite at Silver Lake.
Rain is recently divorced, eager to get her friends back, and determined to help Brandy’s mother find closure.  However, she’s equally nervous about seeing Jason, the man whose heart she broke back in high school.  The four friends are each carrying their share of secrets, betrayals, and painful memories, but in order to help Brandy communicate, they must all be together at the lake house.  Rain’s theory is that their combined energy will give Brandy the strength she needs to communicate—and as the paranormal events escalate, the theory soon proves correct.
So that is how my story came about.  I had the plot outlined in my mind, and I spent years getting to know the characters before I found the courage to start writing in earnest.  My husband finally convinced me, and I started writing Silver Lake in a notebook on an 8-hour car ride.
As far as finding the time to continue writing after that long car ride, it wasn’t easy.  I’m a wife, the mom of two boys and three pets, and I have two part-time jobs.  But I have a great deal of determination, and I love to write.  I don’t think I’m typical in that I don’t set writing goals and I don’t have a regular routine.  I began Silver Lake in April of 2008, and I wrote whenever the inspiration struck me.  I always carried a notebook with me to jot down ideas as they came.  Sometimes I stopped writing for months at a time.  We completely renovated our kitchen one winter, and if anyone here has been through that, you can picture the amount of chaos in my life over those months.  Anytime I did try to sit down to write, a builder would find me immediately to ask me where I wanted the outlets.
Two and a half years later, the first draft was finished, and throughout the journey to getting Silver Lake published, the manuscript went through several major edits.  I can’t remember how many times I rewrote the novel, but it was absolutely worth it.  Silver Lake received a publishing contract from The Wild Rose Press in December of 2011, and the one thing I hear over and over from readers is “I couldn’t put it down”.  That is possibly the best thing a writer can hear, and any time I hit a stumbling block now, I remind myself why I’m doing this: to create stories readers will enjoy.

Lynda's Review: 

What is going on? Am I losing touch with reality? 

Those are two questions that the lead character in SILVER LAKE , Rain Anderson, lives with each day.  And Author Kathryn Knight managed to keep me just as perplexed as I read this mystery.  Mystery, as such, is not my favorite genre, but mystery mixed with romance makes for an intense and satisfying read. Silver Lake has both elements perfectly balanced throughout. One never detracts from, but actually embellishes the other. Great characterization made me care about this vulnerable protagonist. And, of course, Jason Lansing makes a wonderful hero, both sharp-edged and gentle, he’s a man neither Rain or I could resist.  I’m happy to give this story four stars!

Enjoy this snippet from page 132:

      "I was fighting to wake up, and when I did, I was gasping for air. My lungs were burning and my vision was blurry. But I thought I saw something in the room with me..."


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  1. Thanks so much for having me here at Between the Pages! What a wonderful review, Lynda, I'm so glad you enjoyed Silver Lake.

  2. Great blog post. I've found that time is a precious commodity. The story ideas keep piling up but getting the time to organize and flesh them out is the problem.
    I agree with Lynda, mysteries alone don't usually intrigue me but if combined with a romance then count me in.
    Fabulous book cover.

  3. I agree as well, I don't usually read mysteries without the romance...that's the best part :) Thanks for coming by Christine...I have the same problem, more ideas than time!

  4. I love mystery mixed with romance and Silver Lake sounds fabulous. Many of my story ideas come from research into my ancestors and dreams.

  5. Thanks Beth! Researching ancestors...that's an excellent idea!

  6. I'm excited all over again. I can't wait to read it in December!

  7. Thanks Lisa! Glad you came by :) Good luck with your new submission!