Sunday, December 23, 2012

Book Review - Father Night by Eric Van Lustbader

About The Book:
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Pages: 368

ISBN-10: 0765333392

“An eye for an eye will make the world go blind.”—Gandhi

A tidal wave of reform is sweeping across the Middle East. Many lurk in the shadows, eager to seize power--giants of a vast criminal underworld, fueled by revenge and vengeance. Their wars know no end.  Their power knows no bounds.

At the center of it all are two men who are inches away from holding the world in their hands: one is known as Dyadya Gourdjiev and the other is known only as the Syrian.

Department of Defense special agent Jack McClure has followed this trail of shadows and lies right into the arms of Gourdjiev’s alluring, powerful granddaughter, Annika Dementiev. The lovers are in Moscow when news of Dyadya’s failing health draws a slew of vultures--circling, anxious to seize the empire of secrets he spent a lifetime building. Jack and Annika find themselves locked in battle to ensure his safety…but when it comes to Dyadya, nothing is as it seems.

Alli Carson, the child of a dead US president, has become Jack’s surrogate daughter. While Jack is in Russia, Alli is targeted by a cyber-stalker who knows more about her than anyone should. With no one to trust but her friend, Vera Bard, Alli is determined to discover the truth, but her path forces her to come face-to-face with the nightmarish terror of her past.

As these two stories play out, Secretary of Defense Dennis Paull, with the help of detectives Nona Hendryx and Alan Frain, follows a trail of lies, corruption, and secret pacts that begins with Washington D.C.’s Head of Detectives.

 All paths collide at the feet of one man, an old legend adapting to an ever-changing landscape… a man history might have forsaken, but whose heinous evil is still very much alive: Father Night. 

Lynda's Review:
Jack McClure is a character that is ever changing and always on the move. He's at times pathetic and predictable. At others, he's clever, heroic, and intriguing. Sometimes I dislike him intensely, at other times, I'm his biggest supporter. I guess you call this a love-hate relationship. At least, it's one that cannot be ignored. (*smile) As in all of the Lustbader books I've read in the past, there is plenty of action, though with some of it, I'm completely clueless as to why it's in the book at all. But, it does serve to keep the plot moving forward at a brisk pace. Maybe I'm just not smart enough to understand all the international intrigue and wonder why some of the characters just don't go home and stay out of trouble. Overall, I'm comfortable with giving this book Three Stars!

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