Friday, December 7, 2012

Book Review - The Indie Author Revolution By Dara M. Beevas

An Insider's guide to Self-Publishing
By Dara M. Beevas

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About the Book:
If you've got passion, a plan, and persistence, you don't need an agent. The Indie Author Revolution: An Insider's Guide to Self-Publishing is your friendly guide to the new era of self-publishing. Everything you need to create a quality book is within your reach, including editors, designers, printers, mentoring presses, e-books, and social media.

Written from the perspective of an editor who has mentored hundreds of indie authors, The Indie Author Revolution will teach you:
  • All the key areas of self-publishing success--from vetting your manuscript ideas to crafting your publishing plan for both print and electronic books.
  • Advice, tips, and tools from real-life indie authors and book publishing professionals to help you avoid missteps in writing, publishing, and marketing.
  • The pros and cons of doing it yourself, working with an indie press, and everything between.

Lynda's Review:
Every writer ponders the eternal question, to self-publish or not. If you're one of those people, you've probably already put a lot of time researching, questioning, and evaluating that information. Well, don't make that all-important decision before giving careful consideration to this book by author Dara M. Beevas.

First of all, we're reminded that just because we can do something, doesn't necessitate our doing it. Especially, if we haven't thoroughly prepared to tackle the challenge with dedication, commitment, and professionalism. On-the-other-hand, we shouldn't rule out the possibility of self-publishing just because it may have an advanced learning curve. Neither should we shelve the idea because it traverses new territory, or because of the negative opinions of others. After all, isn't a writer one who is constantly pushing the envelope of new ideas. If the success of your book seems better served by taking this route to publication, shouldn't you be willing to step out of your comfort zone?

Author Dara M. Beevas reminds writers that they are the master of their own work and that they don't need the approval of big publishing companies to market that work.

The book covers three main areas of interest.
  1. Launching The Idea (Contains Three Chapters Under This Section)
  2. Building Your Book (Contains Six Chapters Under This Section)
  3. Marketing Your Book (Contains Three Chapters Under This Section)
Readers are helped by the many checklists, tips, reminders, and resources.

And one very important theme is emphasized throughout, write a book worthy of publication and make sure that it is professionally edited and polished before sending it to press. This is the all-important rule for any writer, whether traditionally published or self-published. Present the very best work that you're capable of producing.

I really appreciated the wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and just plain common sense presented in this book. For that reason, I'm happy to give it Five Stars!


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