Thursday, December 6, 2012

Book Review - THE ORDINARY TRUTH By Jana Richman

By Jana Richman

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About The Book:
When Nell Jorgensen buried her husband after a hunting accident in 1975, she buried a piece of herself, her relationship with her daughter, and more than one secret along with him. Now, thirty-six years later, her granddaughter, Cassie, intends to unearth those secrets and repair those relationships, but she’s unprepared for what she finds.

Set in the sparse and beautiful landscape of Nevada’s Spring Valley and Schell Creek Mountains, yet steeped in the realities of the colliding urban and rural worlds of the West, award-winning author Jana Richman brings us an emotional journey of love, loss, and family in her third book, The Ordinary Truth.

Lynda's Review:
When stories are about issues that strike the cords of the heart, conscience, or principles, it always leads to a great read that expands one's perceptions. This is that type of story. But it's not just about environmental issues, it's about people, their deepest desires, fears, and struggles. It's about generations in a family and what filters down to each as a sacred trust or responsibility. This story is told primarily through the eyes of four women, though their differing concerns could be shared by men, as well.

Don't expect a fast read with this novel. It's pacing is progressive but methodical. I would have liked a little more originality when it came to family issues and problems, but in all, it's a satisfying read. The author has a wonderful way of making her character's seem like people you know. It was easy to be caught up in their story. I'm happy to give this book Three Stars.


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