Thursday, December 20, 2012

Book Review - TRIP OF A LIFETIME An Anthology

 About The Book:
What is your idea of the trip of a lifetime? Is it relaxing on a sandy Caribbean beach? Traveling through parts of Europe? Or do you prefer to stay closer to home and travel through your imagination? Sometimes the trip of a lifetime can be the one you never expected to take. And sometimes a trip becomes quite memorable for the wrong reasons.
In this collection of short stories, poetry, and non-fiction, you will find our contributors' ideas of the "trip of a lifetime." Perhaps you'll find your own ideas in these pages, or perhaps we'll spark the desire for you to go out and make your own memories!

Note: Some pieces contain adult content, language, or themes. Not suitable for younger readers.

US Trade Paperback, 180 pages, 5" X 8"
ISBN 9780984679829
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Lynda's Review:
Anthologies are really difficult to review as whole. Such is the case for this work of fiction containing poetry and short stories. Some stories are adventurous and interesting, others are strange and left me wondering why anyone would write such a piece. On the poetry side, many of those selections struck me as very original and insightful. While this book is not one of my favorites, it does cover a large variety of diverse story concepts. If I rated each story or poem on it's individual merit, my star rating would swing from 1-4. So as an average, I'm giving the overall rating of 2 STARS!


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