Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Book Review - Carlousia - The Passing of the Guard By E. G. Carter

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ISBN-10: 1462055281
Pages: 340

About The Book:
Eddie Caskitt is filled with relief. The worries of moving into a new neighborhood, making friends, and starting a new school have been weighing him down. But after spending just a few minutes with the kids of Drayton Woods, Eddie realizes that the adventurous summer he was hoping for might just happen after all. Eddie hopes all the fun he anticipates will ease the pain of knowing his grandfather is dying. 

With his last bit of strength before he passes away, Eddie's grandfather whispers that he has left something for Eddie in his barn—and that the tall tales he has been telling Eddie for years are true. With the help of a magic bracelet he finds inside a secret hole in the barn, Eddie and his two new friends, Dan and Scotty, enter a portal where they are suddenly thrust into roles guarding the world of Carlousia. With one slip or miscalculation, they realize the balance of time and a legacy will be gone, and evil will destroy Carlousia and their homes back in Drayton Woods. Now the boys must conquer fear, outwit predators, unfold betrayal, and overthrow evil in a world different from their own—all while pretending everything is normal at home.   

Join in this extraordinary adventure with three boys taking a wild, coming-of-age journey that intertwines risk, honor, loyalty, and the kind of danger that unfortunately may lead to unimaginable loss of one of their own.

In this new fantasy adventure novel, readers are introduced to a new hero and a new world, where friendship and loyalty are paramount.

CARLOUSIA, THE PASSING OF THE GUARD is a 132,000-word young adult novel. It is the first book in the Carlousia series and also stands on its own as a complete story.  

Lynda's Review:
First things first...don't you just love this book cover. As an adult, this cover grabbed my interest. So I'm supposing that the average YA reader would also find it fascinating, like icing on the cupcake!

What could ten-year-old boys do that could possibly keep my interest throughout 340 pages? If I told you that, I'd spoil your fun. But believe me when I say, my interest never lagged. This story is well written. The characters grow, change, and morph into individuals that, when teamed together, are nothing less than awesome. The adventure is ongoing and tense, with each task, these kids face challenges that teach them new and lasting coping skills. Author E.G. Carter has set all this action in a world that is unique, deeply thought out, and richly described.

I really enjoyed the author's writing style. It's what I refer to as clean and on-point. By that, I mean there is no unnecessary hype, description, or plot gimmicks to fill the pages, just good storytelling.
I'm happy to give this book Four Stars!



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  1. Thank you so much for the review. I'm happy you like the story and the way that I write...that is very important for me.

    E.G. Carter

  2. You're right, that cover is amazing! Nice review.