Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Book Review - The Gemini Virus by Wil Mara

By Wil Mara
Pages: 304
ISBN-10: 0765324318

About The Book:
An ancient organism, reborn in a vicious new strain and spreading fast…. A terrified society, growing more savage as the death toll climbs…. The most powerful nations of the modern age, baring their teeth and on the brink of launching World War III…. And one man, gifted with genius but tormented by a horrible past, working frantically to find a solution…. The newsmedia call it ‘The Black Plague of the 21st Century,’ and the prelude to the long-predicted end of all things…. But in fact it’s just the beginning…of The Gemini Virus.

Lynda's Review: 
My first word of caution when reading this book is, don't be munching on your favorite snack when you begin. I'm warning you, if you do, you'll never eat those snacks again because every time you see them you'll be reminded of the first few pages and the gagging reflect will start over again. I'm not kidding! The mere description of how this organism kills is nothing short of retching...

On the up-beat, this is a fast-moving story that will require your full attention. There is, of course, the ticking clock premise on which it is essential to find the first infected person and, if possible, pinpoint the origin of this infectious strain. Put that together with a typical set of characters that you might imagine in such a situation, add several more how much worse can it get scenarios, and you've got a medical thriller that will satisfy readers of this genre. I give this book Three Stars!


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