Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Review - GOLDEN DAWN By Thomas M. Kostigen

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Pages: 352
ISBN-10: 0765329336

About The Book:

Northwestern Iran, near the border of Turkey.

An IRA terrorist, a Chechen rebel, and the president of Iran hold a secret meeting. Little do they realize that they are being watched.

Irish journalist Michael Shea has been tracking his IRA bomber uncle for years, intent on settling a personal score. He never expected to stumble onto the biggest story of his life: a plot to smuggle nuclear material into Iran.
Shea is discovered and marked for death before he can expose the conspiracy to the world. On the run from the Iranian secret service, his only chance for survival lies with Neda Ghazali, a beautiful mystic and a member of an ancient sect of Zoroastrians-the Golden Dawn.

For Centuries, the Golden Dawn has guarded an ancient secret: the identity of a true leader, the Mahdi, who is fated to appear before the End Times. Now the president of Iran is exploiting the sacred prophecy for his own evil gains, and soon he’ll have nuclear weapons behind him.

A trail of bodies is left behind in Iran, Turkey, Italy, Chechnya, and Northern Ireland as Shea fights to report the truth- before Neda’s cataclysmic prophecy comes true.  

Lynda's Review: 
This story falls under the category of adventure-thriller that mixes a lot of history (real and fictional) with religious premises. It's a plot driven story that the author moves along at a lightening speed. But in this case, at the expense of his characters. Even though a plot may be intense and intriguing, if I don't feel connected to the characters, if I don't care about their outcome as well as the plot resolution, I'm just not going to enjoy the read. I also found the writing to drag somewhat, especially when detailing action scenes. Sometimes it read more like a movie script which completely erased any emotional impact I might have felt. I'm giving this book Two Stars!


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1 comment:

  1. I have an uncorrected advance copy of Golden Dawn. It annoyed me with all the misspellings: straggled for strangled, site for sight, here for hear, ad infinitum. Of course there had to be the obligatory sex scenes, etc., which is a reeeally tired, formulaic inclusion--some of us out here actually DON'T cast ourselves as voyeurs or starved for sex, so writers, beware! You all had better fill pages with more interest than appealing to the part of the brain near the brain stem...similarly, waaay too much killing. My comment comes at the close of 2015, but I'll bet the errors made it into the final version, as publishers now rarely employ proofreaders. I'm shocked that the NYT and Bloomberg thinks this guy is "all that". I believe I've seen him narrate/host nature programming--he acquitted himself well enough in that role.