Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Book Review - THE KEEPER OF THE DIARY by Judith Diana Winston

The Keeper of the Diary 
by Judith Diana Winston 
Pages: 498
ISBN: 0964328216
Available In: Paperback and E-format
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About The Book:

Circumstances force fashion photographer, Cassie, to take an unlikely assignment in Egypt, where a diary mysteriously appears in her camera case. Inextricably drawn to its content, she begins to discover a surprising connection to the diary’s writer. She doesn’t know whether or not to believe it, but if the diary is true, it means not only that its writer is in mortal danger but also our entire Planet.

The discovery of the diary starts Cassie on a spiritual journey of adventure, intrigue and synchronicity, that takes her to many of the world’s most ancient and enigmatic Sacred Stone Sites, and leads her to uncover the Planet’s most primeval and powerful knowledge—including the surprising secret of her own past.

As her startling mission becomes clearer, Cassie finds herself and the diary’s distant (or not-so-distant) writer tapping into a potent stream of knowledge and energy that has flowed through ancient civilizations – from Atlantis to Egypt and Israel, to South America and the South Pacific. It gradually becomes clear that understanding the secrets underlying our world – and these civilizations – is not just a stop on a tour bus, but rather it is essential in battling the forces of Darkness, Ignorance, Fear, and Separation that threaten humanity today. However, to find the diary’s creator and save him, Cassie must overcome her own self-doubt, and come to terms with her gifts and passions as well as a life-altering destiny she never imagined existed.

Review: by Between The Pages' Reviewer, S.M.
~"Almost like a marionette, controlled by a will other than my own, strings seemed to move my fingers - to pick up the diary and open its pages. Before I could stop myself, I had begun to read- again." ~

Doesn't that just peek your interest? This is a perfect way to describe this book, straight from the book's own pages.

This compelling story develops from a mystery you'll want to solve. The twists along the way insure that you won't uncover the underlying truth too easily. The story is written in such a way as to get two stories intertwined in one.

The book starts out slow but it's worth the read. I give it 3 stars for a good read but one that would be hard to read again. 


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