Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Review - Progenitor - Palak and the Sky Gods by Patrick T. German

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Pages: 300
ISBN-10: 147758367X

About the Book:
Palak has always been different; stronger, bigger and more of a strategist than any other Brunt in his clan. His lighter eyes, enormous stature and different demeanor have made him a bit of an outsider to some, yet still, he is respected by the clan and poised to take over in due time.

Palak’s world is full of turmoil. The clans and tribes of Medias are constantly sparring with each other over territories, religious beliefs, basic resources, and trade disagreements. Some believe they are chosen by Sky Gods to live a more blessed life. Others believe they are wrongly cheated of the resources they need by the tribes around them.

A young world, the occupants of Medias are actually unwitting pawns in a game being played by two advanced alien races. Palak’s planet was recently won by the Sucobers in a renowned Contest between Sucober and Plamanic warriors. As the planet’s new rightful owners, the Sucobers come to Medias to stake their claims on the mineral resources found within the planet’s core. Under false pretenses, the Sucobers pretend to be Sky Gods to trick the inhabitants into helping them mine Medias to the point of annihilation.

The Sucobers’ rivals, the Plamanics, fear further expansion by the Sucobers. Out of necessity, they have come to Medias to experiment on the indigenous creatures in hopes of creating a superior warrior to fight for them in the next Contest.

Lynda's Review:
I found this book surprisingly different. That difference kept me reading through the fact-heavy first few chapters where the author introduces multiple characters and settings. It didn't take me long to grab a notebook and jot down some of the names of characters, places, etc., for future reference. And those notes did come in handy, helping me to sort out some of the speedy plotting that moves this story along the fast-track. 

I did enjoy this book and found only one element distracting. The author writes in a style that, rather than putting me into the action with the characters, made me feel like I was on the outside looking in. While I always loved having a book read to me as a child, as an adult, I don't so much enjoy feeling that there is another unseen narrator telling me the story. I'm giving this book Three Stars!


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