Sunday, January 13, 2013

Book Review - Ravage the Moon and other Short Stories by James Runyan

By James Runyan
Pages: 188
ISBN-10: 1470168618
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About The Book:
A collection of short stories by James Runyan. Killer computers, beings living under the sea, strange portals...and yes...werewolves, all await you in these tales of terror and intrigue.

Lynda's Review:
Back Cover Blurb:
~...Four stories of danger, suspense, and intrigue grace these pages so leave the lights on and jump right in, you'll probably be ok.~ 

Well, As you can see, I survived the reading...just barely! And I did keep the lights on. I'm not much for werewolves, but I did marvel at Author James Runyan's imagination when it came to the other three stories in this collection. My favorite was Terror Form. I'll let the author chill you with anticipation. Here are his words found on the back cover:

   ~Terror Form blurs the line between fun and terror. What if a video game could kill you? As games become more real than virtual, be careful what you play. It might just be an experience to die for.~ 

James Runyan has a great storytelling voice, especially for the strange and scary world that lurks inside all of our imagination.  He knows what will spark your interests, and at what precise moment to cut the lights, leaving you suspended in his world. I'm giving this book Four Stars!


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