Monday, February 4, 2013

Book Review - A RENDEZVOUS TO DIE FOR By Betty McMahon

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Page Length: 272
ISBN-10: 1257931326
Genre: Mystery

About The Book;
Exciting action on the Rez! A brand new sleuth sorts out clues from an 1830s world!

All photographer Cassandra Cassidy wanted to do was settle into the peaceful Minnesota countryside and lick her New York-inflicted emotional wounds. But a photo gig she couldn't pass up has her up to her f-stops trying to get to the bottom of a gruesome hatchet job that left her nemesis dead and left her near the top of the suspect list. Smoking out the real killer will lead the mystery world's new reluctant sleuth deep into the colorful re-enactor culture and into dangerous political intrigue at the Indian reservation. See what develops as Cassandra uses her non-existent detecting skills - and short list of acquaintances - to track down the real killer before she becomes more valuable to him dead or alive.

Lynda's Review:

~"Like everyone else in Colton Mills, I triple-checked my locks that night and seriously entertained the idea of buying myself a Rottweiler."~  Page 81

The suspense in this story is well developed with lots of suspects with possible motives for murder. Cassandra Cassidy's character makes a very interesting amateur detective. The detailing of the elements that go into an actual historical reenactment helped flesh out the plot. The small town setting with a cast of supporting characters fuse together well and present a storyline easy to follow. I thought I had picked out the real culprit twice, but to my surprise the ending showed me that my powers of deduction left a lot to be desired. Perhaps when you read this story, you'll prove to be a better detective than I. I'm happy to give this book Four Stars!


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