Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Book Review - BO JOHN'S TRAIN - By Dr. Dana E. Walton, Ph.D

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Page Length: 28
ISBN: 1477208186

About The Book:
Bo John becomes the center of attaction as he drives his freight train through town! He thunders through town smiling and waving at the people as he passes through. Everyone loves Bo John! Until one day. . . . . Bo John no is no longer driving the train. The townspeople are in an uproar as they search for answers as to where Bo John could possible be. . . . . .
Breeze's Review ( Between The Pages Guest Reviewer)
This was a very cute story about Bo John and all the things he was known for in his small town. It was fun reading it to my daughter and both of us enjoyed reading about Bo John's cowboy boots and his loud country music. It was certainly very clear that this character was written after someone that was deeply cared about which really made the character of Bo John stand out so much more. The story was beautifully illustrated and for those girls and boys who love trains, they will certainly enjoy this story. I give this book Four Stars!


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