Friday, March 29, 2013

Book Review - THE CORNER WINDOW by Darrel Rachel

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Page Length: 194
ISBN: 1456546848

About The Book:
Frank Baldwin, a bitter and disillusioned young man just out of high school, accepts a temporary job that takes him to an isolated section of the California coast. There he meets Sylvia, a beautiful young woman from a mysterious family. Frank soon finds himself deeply in love with this intriguing woman but the enigma surrounding her family haunts him. Unanswered questions about these people plague him. As his feelings for Sylvia grow, concerns about her family threaten their relationship, and Frank fears, his own safety. Driven by love, one that he expects can never be, Frank agonizes over the bitter choices he faces. Can he find happiness with Sylvia, or is the road he is traveling littered with dangers that will spell his doom? The Corner Window is a novel of heart twisting emotion mixed with a measure of suspense and intrigue that draws inevitably to a shattering conclusion.

Lynda's Review:
~ That evening he sat by the window and watched for a light from the house up the road but saw nothing. Frank was coming to the conclusion she was just messing with his head. ~ Page 79 

A young man, a young woman, mystery, and danger, is it enough to give a satisfying read? It was for me. The author gave me a story that was different, not edge of your seat tense, but a slower tempo that provided me lots of time to get to know Frank Baldwin, and other great characters. This somewhat coming-of-age story lends depth to the elements of mystery and first love. I especially appreciated the ending. It left me with answers and hope. I'm happy to give this book Four Stars!

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