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Publication Date: May 1, 2013

Page Length: 112
ISBN: 0903585340

About The Book:
Here is a celebration of colorful projects in surface embroidery celebrating the seasonal flowers and fruits of the English garden. The book combines surface techniques with traditional designs in an exciting way, producing depth and other realistic effects which will delight and instruct embroiderers of all levels of experience.

Full instructions, working diagrams, and color illustrations are used to explain the projects, while a separate section on stitches and techniques provides additional support.

Lynda's Review:
In years past, needlework was one of my favorite hobbies. Fancy embroidery gave me many hours of enjoyment and discovery. That is one of the reasons I wanted to read and review this book. I've owned several books on embroidery technique and was intrigued by the extra depth displayed in this talented work. Did this book live up to my expectations? The short answer is, YES!

The projects in this book range from simple to advanced, enough to keep anyone challenged. The author, Carol Andrews, is a creative embroideress and experienced teacher trained in botanical drawing. No doubt, that explains her careful attention to detail and meticulous use of shading and highlighting that gives a three-dimensional appearance to her work. There are 28 color photos which will be of immense help in determining if your own stitches are proportionally placed. The techniques used in these projects will make your flowers appear to lift from the background, using a combination of long and short stitches, padding, some stumpwork, and shading.

Some of the project names are: Winter Jasmine and Heather, Two Pansies, Lilac, Honeysuckle, Butterfly, Viola.
Some of the stitches are: Line stitches, Knotted stitches, Looped stitches, Filling Stitches, along with with Surface Effects.

Also included are full-size traceable diagrams, thorough and understandable instructions, and a comprehensive list of suppliers. I highly recommend this to any embroidery enthusiast. I'm very happy to give this book FIVE STARS!


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