Monday, March 18, 2013

Book Review - Flight From Colombia by Ronald L. Oliver

Page Length: 438 
ISBN-10: 1466449365
About The Book:
This action/adventure novel concerns a young man with family roots in Colombia who is trying to find himself. While exploring Colombia, instead of finding roots he digs up riches, danger, suspense and opens himself to love. He grabs a bag of illicit money and focuses on his flight from Colombia.

Lynda's Review:
A unique story with a twisting plot that takes some unexpected turns. A young man in the complicated search of blending both his mixed roots. What he finds along the way broadens his narrow perspectives through a liberal sprinkling of interesting life situations that both challenge and mold his thinking.

One thing that kept me from moving my rating from Three Stars to Four, was the lack of deep character motivations. Even at the end, I was still wondering why the lead character felt compelled to certain actions. I wanted to be drawn more fully into his world, to understand his motivation so that I could care whether or not he achieved his goals. That didn't happen with any significant power.

Still, the description, plotting, and pacing were pretty good and I think this author's talent will only get better. I would definitely try another of his books.


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