Friday, March 8, 2013

Book Review - GIFTED HANDS By Kenneth Fenter

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Page Length: 362
ISBN 1479168807

About The Book: 
After the loss of his wife, Charlie Kelly departs on a world tour to assuage his grief. He is convinced to start his tour in Japan, a place he hasn't seen in two decades, since he was stationed there while in the Army. Many old memories return, not the least of which, is the memory of the young Japanese teacher he once loved and lost. This romantic novel is filled with suspense, intrigue and tragic comedy. It involves romances discovered in the wake of sacrifices. Will the long lost prince and princess find each other and reunite? This book contains the elements of a spy novel. There is the intrigue of a cat and mouse chase. Are the private eye's intentions good or evil? A mystery is resolved in the end, as the characters do not realize how much danger they really were in from mobsters in hot pursuit. A central question posed is who has the right to judge others? This novel is also about the lives of two gifted individuals, an artist and a musician and the impacts they have on the lives they come into contact with.

Review By Cecelia (Between The Pages Guest Reviewer)

The cover`of this book is what caught my eye. I'ts intriguing and fits the storyline perfectly. This is a beautiful love story that spans over 20 years. It gives the hope that true love really does happen. Even though it spans so many years, the author includes enough interesting elements to keep you reading, mystery, intrigue, and romance. The author writes with a brisk style and manages to fill in a lot of background information without seeming intrusive. Cultural differences are explained and leaves the reader with a lot of food for thought. I give this book 4 stars. 


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  1. Hi Lynda and Cecelia, Thank you so much for the review of Gifted Hands. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I hope to have a sequel to this book with Charlie and Keiko in 2013 as Keiko takes her concert to America with Charlie's daughter Jane.
    Sincerely Kenneth Fenter