Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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Page Length: 216
ISBN: 1482303698
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy - Middle School Adventure

About The Book:
Finding the secret portals was just the beginning… Bruten & Tommy have taken the first step on their quest to protect the portals and the Golden Scepter. For generations, power hungry villains have searched for the scepter, and now it was Bruten & Tommy's turn to protect it. Join the boys on a whirlwind journey as they fight off armed men, escape from kidnappers, and travel to a new world where the power of the mind reigns supreme. In this world, Tommy learns another surprising secret about his family history…a secret that could end with his family's demise. Will the newly minted Guardians of the Scepter have what it takes to carry on the legacy?

Lynda's Review:

The two adventurous and sometimes trouble-attracting magnets, Bruten and Tommy, are at it again in author Brant Waldeck's novel Guardians of the Scepter. The language, word choices, descriptions, and dialog are very age appropriate. The adventure is classic. There is plenty of danger, discovery, humor, and ethical reasoning to keep any young reader pondering this story. The new world these boys encounter is richly drawn by the author so that it was easy for me to picture them moving through it. Some very interesting characters round out this story nicely. This is the second book in this series and I'm sure the third book will be worth waiting for. I'm happy to give this book Four Stars!

As a reviewer, I have to confess that I messed up and read the second book before the first in this series. So then, I had to go back and read the first one also. The first book, The Secret of the Portals, was not disappointing. The author did a great job pulling me right back into this story and I really enjoyed the beginning of this adventure series. I appreciated the fact that the author gave each of these boys a chance to take the lead and that made their characterization much deeper and more satisfying. Secret of the Portals deserves Four Stars of it's own.

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