Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book Review - REDEMPTION ON THE RIVER by Loren De Shon

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Page Length: 390
ISBN: 0985925922

Silas Jacobson pulled a trigger, killed his father, and ended up months later face down in Memphis mud, trying to forget the girl who betrayed him. He buries his father on the farm, his guilt in himself and leaves home seeking to forget past mistakes. 

Lynda's Review: 

This historical setting finds the main character, Silas Jacobson, working out his past, present, and future along the Mississippi River as he encounters new troubles and worrisome people. The time period added a lot of tension to this story and added many interesting facts and some insight to the issue of slavery and other political problems. While the story had a promising plot, for me it fell somewhat flat. Silas is a self-absorbed young man who for most of the book has no redeeming qualities that made me want to journey along with him. He does make some progress within himself and with his relationships by the end of the book, but not enough to overcome my first impression. On the positive side, the author handles one of my favorite parts of a story, dialog, very well. It's quick, pertinent, and true to the characters and period. 

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