Saturday, June 8, 2013

Book Review - MARRIAGE BY MISTAKE by Alyssa Kress

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Page Length: 349
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About The Book:
He woke up to discover two days of his life completely gone.

Workaholic Boston blueblood Dean has made it his life's goal to be the opposite of his irresponsible, womanizing father.

But Dean discovers that while in a hypnotic trance he'd acted exactly like his father, travelling to Las Vegas where he'd wooed and wed some sexy, airhead dancer.

Now, Kelly may be sexy, but she's no airhead. She knows the cold and puritanical man who claims to be her husband is not the man she'd married. But she suspects the warm and tender man she does love is buried somewhere deep inside. And she's determined to find him...

Lynda's Review:

Don't let the cover fool you on this one. It's humorous, not silly.  It's meaty, not shallow. In other words, I really was surprised by the substance the author brought to this mishap of a relationship, and how how she proved that with patience, love, and faith, even the most difficult relationships could be saved. I Liked the fact that Kelly understood Dean even when he didn't have a clue, or if he did, didn't know how to express his feelings. The secondary characters flesh out the story, especially, Dean's little brother Robbie.

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