Friday, June 14, 2013

Book Review - OH BROTHER A NICO AND TUGGER TALE - by Kimberly Sentek

Page Length: 28
Genre: Children's Literature

About The Book: 
Two stories in one - double the reading fun! Meet Nico and Tugger, two dogs that became brothers. Their story is an endearing and fun look at sibling rivalry. - from two points of view.

Breeze's Review (Between The Pages Guest Reviewer)

This book was unique in the way it told each side of the story. You got to see the story through Nico's eyes and then through Tugger's eyes, and I thought this was such a creative way to approach a story like this. Nico and Tugger are new brothers who are adjusting to life together. I appreciated how valuable a story like this is for families who perhaps are going to be introducing a new sibling soon. I can see how this book would make a great gift for a soon to be big brother or big sister. I thought the illustrations were very cute and the storyline held my four-year-old daughters attention. I was glad to share this story with her.


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I am happy to see that you like the approach of both characters telling their sides of the same story. I plan to continue telling Nico and Tugger Tale stories as the series grows--I thought it was a way to reinforce to children that not everyone sees the same thing the same way. I also am happy to see that your daughter followed along. Children will definitely let you know if they like or do not like something!

    Thanks again!
    Kimberly Sentek

    1. Hi Kimberly,
      I can see why our reviewer, Breeze, and her daughter enjoyed this book. We really love children's literature that engages a child's imagination, while at the same time, teaches a usable life-lesson. Thank you for allowing us to review this work.