Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Book Review: BOUNTY HUNTER: THE BEGINNING by Billi Tiner

Author: Billi Tiner
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Genre: YA Western intended for ages 12-16
Page Length: 174
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Bounty Hunter: The Beginning 

About The Book:
After his father's tragic death, sixteen-year old Ben Sharp is living a life of solitude in a one room cabin in the woods. He is lonely and restless but cannot see a way to change his situation. His life takes an unexpected turn the day two horse thieves ride up leading a stolen stallion. When the two outlaws attempt to rob him, Ben is able to turn the tables. His successful capture of the men opens up his world to the life of the bounty hunter. Ben sets out on a journey that will transform him from a boy into a man. This coming of age tale is full of action, adventure, humor, and romance. BOUNTY HUNTER: THE BEGINNING is the first book in the Bounty Hunter series.

Lynda's Review:

To review this book, I had to suspend my analytical adult mind and try to remember what I liked as a 12-16 year-old. Outlandish, far-fetched animal antics, along with a simple plot peopled with interesting characters seemed just right; and that's what I found in this book. What kid doesn't like reading a coming-of-age story about their peer group, especially when the main character is just as imperfect and inept as they perceive themselves to be. The whole Wild West setting will interest most kids. A realistic look at weapons, those who use them, and the reasoning behind that will, I think, cause some young adults to think more seriously about this issue.

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