Saturday, August 10, 2013

Book Review - CAN'T AND ABLE By Cynthia Fabian

 Can’t and Able 
 Author: Cynthia Fabian
Strategic Book Publishing (December 20, 2012)
 Genre: Children
Page Length: 28
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About the Book:
What does it feel like when you just can't do what the other kids, I mean stars, do? Can't kept trying, but he never seemed to shine as brightly as the other stars, and was always teased and bullied by others. Can't feels that he is less than the other stars and just cannot shine. It wasn't until Can't realized he Can, that everything changed for him. Find out how Can't became a hero and ultimately became Can. Able is the star who had it all. Able helps Can't to realize that he can really shine.
Breeze's Review:
This was a cute story. It was meant to teach children about how to believe in themselves. I really appreciated how the story touched on the topic of bullying. I try to find ways of teaching my children the importance of not bullying and also how to deal with others who might be bullying them and this story helped to open the doorway to such conversations. The illustrations were nicely done. I did find that the story was a bit wordy at times, but otherwise a good read!

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