Friday, August 30, 2013

Book Review - DARK DAWNING by Auguste Dinoto

Title: Dark Dawning
Author: Auguste Dinoto
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Genre: Futuristic Thriller
Page Count: 189
Amazon link:

About The Book:
In the year 2030 a great earthquake strikes the mid-east nations and destroys 85% of the world’s oil supply. The automobile industry collapses. Martial Law is declared, and gas-consuming vehicles are banned. To supplement the dwindling fuel supply coming from the south, the UNITED STATES declares war on MEXICO. And San Diego becomes a war-front city.

Brick Sanders, and Tyra McCord, his beautiful photographer, work at KTIM, the federally-run television station. Brick picks up a story from gas smugglers. The South has broken off from the Union and refuses to ship fuel to the war front. The American war machine grinds to a halt, and a Mexican general is going to sack San Diego.

Brick and Tyra steal a jeep from the Federal motor pool. They have a gun battle with the guards in Fuel Dispersal Center No. 2, and make a run for the electric fence that surrounds the city compound. They roll to a stop as the Mexicans attack. Brick looks back, then down at the gauge in front of him. They are out of gas…

Lynda's Review:
Drama, intrigue, and intensity are certainly present in this story, plotting and pacing fit the genre. The author's style and voice are easy to read and has some unique qualities.

I have to admit, however, that I only progressed a third of the way through the story before putting it down. My primary reason, the overuse of adult language. Foul language, rather than defining a character or situation, makes me cringe. There are hundreds of more descriptive words that would serve better, making the reading experience richer and more satisfying to me.

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