Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Book Review - HOW THE OCTOPUS GOT EIGHT ARMS by Yvonne Arroyo

Title: How the Octopus Got Eight Arms  
Author: Yvonne Arroyo
Outskirts Press (April 12, 2013) 
Genre: Children
Page Count: 46
Amazon link:

About The Book:

Oscar Octopus and his wife, Sharky Shark, are the proud parents of a sizeable brood. Oscar adores his children, and spends every spare moment playing with them. Things go swimmingly until, one day, Sharky has to make an emergency visit to see her ailing mother. Suddenly, Oscar is left in charge of his offspring. Because of a huge physical shortcoming, Oscar is unable to meet the needs of all his kids. His wife returns to find him nearly dead of exhaustion. She rushes him to the doctor, who performs emergency surgery on him. In no time at all the new and improved Oscar is able to more easily handle his children. He and his family live playfully and happily ever after. 

Breeze's Review:    

What a creative story! I always appreciate books like this because children have such wild imaginations and they like to be entertained by imaginative story lines. My daughter appreciated this story because we have a bigger sized family and she said all mommy’s and daddy’s should get more arms put on like the octopus did. The illustrations were great and really enhanced the story. The progression of the story was ideal for small children. This was a fun read!!

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