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Book Review = STEELED FOR MURDER By KM Rockwood

Steeled for Murder - A Jesse Damon Crime Novel
Author: KM Rockwood
Musa Publishing (April 19, 2012)
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Page Length: 267
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About The Book:
After nearly twenty years in prison on a murder conviction, Jesse Damon has been released, a home detention monitor strapped to his ankle. Determined to make it and mindful of his parole restrictions, he struggles with life outside prison. He finds a basement apartment, a job on the overnight shift at a steel fabrication plant and a few people who treat him like anybody else. Especially Kelly, a woman who works in the shipping department. He seems to be making it. Until Mitch, forklift driver on the shift, is found murdered in the warehouse. Investigating detective doesn’t want to look any further than Jesse to close the case He’s not fussy about the methods he uses to gather evidence. If Jesse isn’t going down for this, he will have to be the one to figure out who killed Mitch and why.

Lynda's Review:

As a parole, Jesse Damon's life is anything but pleasant. His new job at a fabrication plant is crucial to starting a new life, but things don't go well from the start. Accused of murder, he walks a tightrope, trying to not violate his parole and yet prove his innocence. 

Jesse is a sympathetic character. He tells his story in first person so we get a closeup feel for his situation and feelings. The story is tense and fast moving. The author gave a lot of attention to authenticating the setting and the precarious standing of an ex-con who finds himself smack in the middle of a community with it's fair share of drugs, prejudice, money-power, and people who aren't who they seem.

~ I thought I'd been prepared for facing the world with a murder conviction under my belt. A lot of people wouldn't want to have anything to do with me. What did I expect most people would think about me when they knew? Wasn't pretty.~ Page 162

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