Monday, September 23, 2013

In Search of Romance - DESTINATION: Galveston, TX (Part 2)

Every escapade should start with layers. What! You haven’t heard that term before? You might call it by a more mundane name like... preparation.  However, layering is so much more fun than preparing. Layering implies multiple levels of anticipation, a promise of more.

As I ponder my trip to Galveston, my first concern is accommodations. While not unusual, it’s essential in my quest for the right ambiance. I’m not looking for a place to lodge, I’m looking for a place to escape the everyday and where I can indulge my romantic muse. 

I’ve narrowed my search down to four condominiums. I like them all and choosing between them is going to be difficult. 

Condo #1

I named this selection Rhythm and Blues. The creamy earth tones and seascape blues set a tempo of casual comfort evocative of a sunny seaside cottage awash in the sound of surf and tranquility. Sand and sky blend harmoniously in a Razzle-dazzle bath guaranteed to give hours of pampered relaxation. And, of course, the views are wonderful. 

WANT TO SEE MORE? Just click here for lots more photos. And stay connected as I'll be showcasing the second of my four Galveston Condo choices soon.
SNEAK PEEK - Texas-Sized Love
(Setting: Galveston, Texas - Time Period: Contemporary)
(This is a work-in-progress, including title, and has not been edited for publication. )
I'll be sharing the first few pages of this story as I write these blogs about my Galveston experience. Please feel free to share you thoughts and opinions on the story and it's characters.
~Continued from (Part 1)

The sound of tires grating to a halt on the road’s loose gravel brought her abruptly back to reality. Stopped behind her was a sleek truck and horse-trailer combo, all ebony black and shiny chrome.

Embarrassed to be caught just sitting at the gate; Laney cranked the engine and stomped on the gas. Lurching forward, the truck rolled about twenty feet before the poor excuse for transportation backfired and stopped dead in the middle of the driveway.

“Don’t do this to me now.” She pleaded. For lack of a better option, she tried the ignition again, hoping for a miracle.
~To be continued in (Part 3)~

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  1. I love the look and feel of this condo!! I can see cooking breakfast for a family in that kitchen or just enjoying breakfast for two looking out at that amazing view!