Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book Review - Capturing Every Day Life

Capturing Every Day Life: The No-Nonsense, Cheese-Free, Read-While-They-Nap, Easy-As-Pie Guide to Taking Top-Notch, World-Class Photos of Your KTitle: Capturing Every Day Life: The no-nonsense, cheese-free, read-while-they-nap, easy-as-pie guide to taking top-notch, world-class photos of your kids 
Author: Jane Goodrich

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (July 1, 2013)  
Genre: Children's
Page Count: 64
Amazon link:   

About The Book:

That funny face your son squeezes together while you let him chew on a lemon wedge for the first time. The sound of his laugh erupting at the discovery of his belly button. The dimples on his little hands where knuckles just haven’t been born yet. In the blink of an eye, it becomes a challenge to recall these details and how they make you feel. Taking a photo takes just a few seconds, but the resulting image gives you a documented memory that lasts a lifetime. It’s a way to revisit these immeasurable moments, and they way they make you feel. This no-nonsense, cheese-free, read while-they-nap, easy-as-pie guide will give you the tools you need to capture top-notch, world-class photos of your kids!
Breeze's Review:

Capturing Every Day Life
PhotoThere were so many things I enjoyed about this book. I appreaciated that the format was simple and easy to understand and follow. Anyone who is interested in learning to photograph children should start with this book. I liked how the author started with a great induction to the book. I loved the part on chosing a camera, this is something that sometimes gets left out of other "how to" books. This book covered everything I needed to know from Working with Light to Advanced Techniques and, also, there is a great section on Tips By Age. Not only is the book full of good information but there are many photographs included under each section of interest. This is a great introduction into photographing children and I would highly recommend it.

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