Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In Search of Romance - DESTINATION: Galveston, TX - PART 3

I can't believe it's already October! Time is speeding by and I have so many things to accomplish before our trip to Galveston in December. I've started some of my historical research and I'll be sharing some of those fascinating points with you as I go along. To start with, here is a video on the 1900 Galveston Hurricane. Lots of inspiration for plotting and back-story in these photos. Enjoy...

Let me update you on my latest options for condos in Galveston. I've found two condos that are a little larger than the first because they have two bedrooms. Not sure if I need that much space, but I'm keeping them on my list. Let me share them with you.

Condo #2
I'm naming this selection SURF-SIDE DREAMING


Imagine waking up to a morning made warm and mellow by the first tentative blushes of a new dawn. The sound of dreamy ocean waves fills your consciousness with expectations of new adventure, timeless discoveries, and priceless memories just waiting to be made.

In this beautiful granite and stainless kitchen,  I can imagine preparing Spinach‐Mushroom Breakfast Crepes paired with my favorite blend of coffee. Shared on the balcony with the 'love-of-my-life', how could our hearts not swell with gentle, quiet contentment.
Enjoy a few more photos here.

SNEAK PEEK - Texas-Sized Love
(Setting: Galveston, Texas - Time Period: Contemporary)
(This is a work-in-progress, including title, and has not been edited for publication. )
I'll be sharing the first few pages of this story as I write these blogs about my Galveston experience. Please feel free to share you thoughts and opinions on the story and it's characters.
~Continued from (Part 2)

Caleb Masters wondered who the fool blocking his entrance could be. Taking in the truck's rusted doors, dented fender, and broken glass, he wasn’t surprised that the thing had decided to give up and die. The driver, however, should know better. It was a crime to put such a piece of junk on the road, not to mention, his road.

If he wanted to get home, thought, he’d have to call a wrecker to tow it away from the entrance. He muttered a few derogatory words about the driver and stepped out of his truck.

He knew her the instant he saw the damp, coppery ringlets surrounding her beautiful face. He jerked to a halt beside her door, feeling as though he’d just been kicked in the stomach.

~To be continued in (Part 4)~

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  • Lots of fun and adventure ahead, don't miss the journey!

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  1. This condo does feel like a place to dream! I love the color scheme! I can just imagine sleeping in while opening the balcony door and listening to the ocean! I enjoyed the video you posted!