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In Search of Romance - DESTINATION: Galveston, TX - PART 4

I hope you've been following this series of articles from the beginning. If you've missed any, you can find an easy link on the sidebar. And don't be bashful, leave a comment on the ongoing storyline, some helpful research suggestions, recommendations for attractions and restaurants, or anything else that might be useful information to have on my Book Research / Vacation trip to Galveston, Texas.

One of the scenes in this new story, Texas-Sized Love, will take place at Pleasure Pier. I've included a video that will give you a feel for this attraction. It's definitely on my list of sites to explore while I'm in Galveston. Enjoy the video!

Your DolphinSmile spa waits to pamper you.Here is another option on my accommodation's list. I've named this condo 'MERMAID'S PLAYHOUSE'. Why you ask? Well, when I first saw the stunning, DolphinSmile Spa decor, I envisioned a Mermaid cavorting in the shallow waves as dolphins leaped and danced around her. This color scheme invokes in me a love of deep-ocean lore, with all it's mystery and romance.

Wake up to breakfast on your private large covered balcony
Of course the attraction doesn't stop there. Who wouldn't want to slide out of a comfortable bed and experience the total pampering of breakfast on the balcony. I'm looking forward to sipping my coffee while the surf tickles my ears and the Gulf breezes gently wake my writing muse. Oh my! Romance is everywhere...

Of the 3 pools on the property, this is one of the largest on the Island.

Then it's off to find a really enticing place to work on my manuscript. Since I love water so much, I'm thinking of spending some time by one of the three pools, just me, my laptop, and the hunky hero of Texas-Sized Love, Caleb Masters.

Enjoy a few more photos here.

SNEAK PEEK - Texas-Sized Love
(Setting: Galveston, Texas - Time Period: Contemporary)
(This is a work-in-progress, including title, and has not been edited for publication. )
I'll be sharing the first few pages of this story as I write these blogs about my Galveston experience. Please feel free to share you thoughts and opinions on the story and it's characters.
Excerpt ~Continued from (Part 3)

Memories flooded Caleb's mind with the speed and force of a flash flood. Visions of a beaten and battered young woman, deathly pale, shivering in spite of the hellish desert heat that mercilessly bore down on her. At that moment, the only sign of life, or glimmer of color, had been the coppery ringlets plastered to her face. Unconscious, dirty, with hands and feet tied, she’d been left alone in the desert to die a slow and painful death.

That young woman had haunted his days and nights ever since. He wasn’t ready for this. He wasn’t ready for her.

Laney noticed the shadow, which gave her a little respite from the sun’s rays. Dropping her hand from the ignition, she turned her head to confront the person who blocked the scorching heat. She wished she hadn’t. Standing just inches from her door was a giant of a man, with shoulders as broad as the driveway he stood on.

~To be continued in (Part 5)~

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  1. Wow what a bathroom! I love that sink! This seems like a fun place to stay and how nice to be so close to the pool! I'm not a write but this looks like a good place to bring a book and read!

  2. I love that sink too! Thanks so much for dropping by and be sure to check back for update on my trip to Galveston.