Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Book Review - DECEPTIONS by Laura Elliot

 Deceptions book cover

Publisher: JuneConsidine (September 12, 2012)
Genre: Women's Fiction
Page Count:
350 pages
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About The Book:
A dark night, an illicit affair, a hit and run… When the effects of an illicit love affair destroys Lorraine Cheevers’ marriage, the artist and mother uproots her teenage daughter from their comfortable city-centre home to make a new life for themselves in the small seaside village of Trabawn. Meanwhile, Killian Devine-O’Malley, the young victim of the hit and run, lies in a coma. His father, well-known screen writer Michael Carmody, is determined to find the person responsible for his son’s accident. His search brings him to Trabawn where he comes into contact with Lorraine. Though she has resolved to be alone, she cannot deny the strong attraction she feels towards this troubled stranger who has appeared so suddenly in her life. But why has Lorraine turned her back on friendship and love? What lies behind her flight from all that was once familiar? As the bond between them grows, the stakes rise. Because what neither of them know is just what the other is running from. Or why it matters. Deceptions is a gripping tale of betrayal and consequence, love and illusion, and an unexpected attraction that won’t be denied.

Lynda's Review:

I read this story in spurts, a little bit at a time over a two-week span. Not my usual reading speed but necessary, since I found it hard to stay with the story in the beginning. I'm amazed at how many twist and turns, secrets, deceptions, and convoluted motivations are entwined in the telling of this story, quite challenging, but in a good way. I found the characters difficult to understand but, somehow, they captured my empathy and compelled me to stay with their journey. This is not a story about pretty people who solve life's problems in a loving way, it's definitely more realistic, delving into the selfish, vengeful attitudes so prevalent in society. It's different and I'm sure it will draw different opinions from each of its readers.

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