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Book Review - SO MANY PATHS by Grace Farrant

Stock ImagePublisher: Pen Press (January 14, 2012)
Genre: Historical/Women's Fiction
Page Count:
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About The Book:
In the East Anglian village of Densbury, at the end of the nineteenth century, Annie Claydon's life is mapped out for her - secure with Joe Langmead, her first love. But the words of her dying grandmother inspire her to follow her dreams as an artist. Annie forms a close friendship with the heir of a wealthy local family who shares her love of painting, but whose sister is intensely jealous. When a fairground gypsy warns Annie of impending danger, and her life is threatened, she flees to London to seek a new life. Happily settled in the city, Annie's talents are noticed and her life looks promising. Marriage beckons but so does war, and disaster strikes that will take her home to Densbury and an uncertain future - Vividly depicting lifestyles of the time, So Many Paths is a captivating page-turner that grips right to very end. 

Lynda's Review:

Nicely written story with compelling elements of love lost and regained. The historical period adds dimensional flavor that I found easy to immerse myself in. Every woman will find something in Annie Claydon's life to mirror her own, maybe that's why it seemed so easy to connect on a personal level, easily touching the heart.

~Annie reacted with a swift smack to his cheek. "Leave me alone, Joe Langmead.  I don't belong to you any more. The past is over and done with." Without looking back, she struggled on with her cases, not seeing the look of agony and longing on his face.~ 
Page 196

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