Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book Review - CHICKEN FEATHERS AND GARLIC SKIN by Chun Yu Wang as told to Walt F.J. Goodridge

Publisher: The Passion Profit Company; 1st edition (February 2, 2009)
Length: 196 pages
Genre: Women's Literature
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About the Book:
It took a lot of courage for a 25-year-old girl from Wu Xi City in Jiang Shu province, China, who had never flown on a plane, and who had never left home before, to travel 2,000 miles to a foreign country in search of work.

It took even more courage to stay once she discovered what life was really like for a factory girl on the island of Saipan in the US Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI).

Did she make the greatest mistake of her life? Like many girls, she came with dreams of a better future. Yes, the pay was better than in China, but at what price? Would the high pressure of 15-hour quota-driven days of tedious, mind and finger-numbing work get to her? Or would the greedy floor monitors, and scam-artists preying on lonely, naive women rob her not just of her income, but of her innocence as well? At every turn, there were wolves ahead and tigers behind that threatened her dreams of happiness. Could she learn Saipan's secret factory system and get ahead before she lost it all? Could she save money, save face, and return to China better off? Would she even want to, given the real reason she left China in the first place?

Lynda's Review:

What an eye-opening, shocking, and heart-breaking account of one young woman's quest to better her life. This story is well written and easy to ready. The story reveals conditions, both good and bad, inside the complex system of multinational sweatshops. Sad to say, while this book focuses on the these conditions, in some ways it reminds me of the enslaving 'get ahead - climb the ladder of success' mentality operative inside most large businesses in affluent countries. Definitely an interesting read.

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