Sunday, December 15, 2013


Title: Poppy and the Fat Puppy
Author: Eli Jay
Length: 40 Pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (August 29, 2013)
Genre: Children

About The Book:
Our adorable little green balloon is back to the rescue! While continuing his educational adventures, Poppy the Wandering Balloon meets a homeless and depressed fat puppy in the park. Distraught by the puppy's sadness, Poppy helps his new friend in need. Together, they embark on a journey of getting healthy, fit, and having some good old-fashioned fun! Poppy would love to adopt the puppy as his own. But only Dr. Helpman, the local vet, has a real solution to help aid Poppy in his dilemma to save the fat puppy from a sad and lonely existence....Find out how Poppy saves this remarkable puppy, and how you can help save a stranded puppy of your own....

Breeze's Review:
This was a very sweet story about a lost dog and Poppy the balloon who helps him find a home. What I loved most about this story is the illustrations, they are very kid friendly. It's possible to flip through the pages and understand the story without words just from the descriptive pictures. The story is simple to understand and it would be a good book for a child learning to read. It was  very light-hearted and my daughter and I enjoyed reading it together.

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