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Publisher:  Louis A. Del Monte (October 9, 2012)
Genre: Non Fiction - Science Theories
Length:  312 pages
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About The Book:
Unraveling the Universe’s Mysteries offers a rare glimpse into scientific mysteries that have baffled scientists over the last century. It bravely takes the reader to the edge of science where proof is scarce, and the line between physics and metaphysics blurs. Explore the latest science theories regarding: What caused the Big Bang? Is there a multiverse? What role does string theory play in modern science? Is time travel possible? Is dark energy/dark matter real? Are there other Earths? Are we alone? What ultimate fate does humankind face? Can science prove God exists?

Lynda's Review

~"The universe is made of mostly dark matter and dark energy, and we don't know what either of them is..." ~
Saul Perlmutter (American astrophysicist)

~"Absence of proof is not proof of absence."~
Poet, William Cowper (1731-1800)

I gave this book five stars, not because I understood everything I read, but because the author made me want to understand. It reads with the thrill of science fiction even though most of it is based on sound scientific fact and plausible theoretical assumptions. To say that it kept my interest from beginning to end, is an understatement.  There is some repetition of material, but in the overall, I think it's necessary in each instance. I'd recommend this book to anyone who is an avid science buff and those who would like to understand more about the scientific concepts that are used to create great science fiction.

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