Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Search of Romance - DESTINATION: Galveston, TX - Part 6

With the dual purpose of researching Galveston as a setting for a new book and having some quality vacation time with my husband, I had a hard time knowing where to begin. But don't worry, that small bit of confusion didn't last long. Our first two days we spent as couch potatoes, relaxing and enjoying the great view. And on a side note, since I was enthralled with the gadgets in my condo's bathroom, I needed time to investigate those. What do you think of this shower and sink? Both were fun to use!

Galveston is steeped in fascinating history, mystery, tragedy, and romantic ambiance. For a small introduction to it's history, click here. While taking a driving tour of the island, I found many wonderful sites, each with different personalities just perfect for staging different scenes in my book. I snapped 122 photos of unique, quirky, ordinary, beautiful, nostalgic, and captivating spots.

What man wouldn't want one of these?
Underneath the waterfall in the Rain Forest
Of course, we are also taking the time to do the tourist thingie, as well. Yesterday, we visited Moody Gardens. Being off-season, there were no loud, pushy crowds to contend with and we  enjoyed the exhibits without distraction .(For more about the venues Galveston affords visitors, view the video below.) After viewing the Aquarium and Rain Forest Pyramids, we made our way to Fisherman's Warf for lunch. Again, being off-season and a school day, we, and three other older

"Be sure to get my good side"
couples, had our section of the dining area to ourselves. The atmosphere
was quiet, we could actually converse over lunch without shouting. The food was good, but sitting next to a sailing ship with full rigging was better!

We loved the aquarium and Rain Forest exhibits at Moody Gardens, so much to see and learn. We sat and watched the sharks, otters, seal, and penguins, awesome creatures. Walking along the upper walkway in the Rain Forest Pyramid I almost stepped on a monkey who was taking his afternoon nap on the path. Thankfully, a biologist was standing nearby watching over the little thing and saved him.

This morning is reserved for updating my blog, recording notes, and organizing photos. This afternoon I'll start the next scene on Texas-Sized Love.

The weather here in Galveston is cloudy with the sun peeking through from time-to-time. The waves coming in on the beach are gentle with a little white-capping when they break. What's next on the agenda? Definitely a good steak, more tours, and shopping.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.


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  1. I'm happy you're enjoying your time in Galveston and getting lots of great background! Best wishes with your story!