Friday, December 13, 2013

In Search of Romance - DESTINATION: Galveston, TX - PART 7

Writing romance requires inspiration and an compelling sense of heartbreak and redemption.
Fictional romance pivots around the core substance of love found, love lost, and love regained. So why is this genre so enduring when everyone knows the story plot before they begin to read? It's because no two love stories are the same. The characters, setting, conflict, motivation, and external forces are different and unique to each author's imagination, talent, and experience. But one thing all writers have in common is the sensitivity to inspiration. By inspiration, I mean anything that can touch the writer on an emotional level that causes the birth of a new story element that cannot be denied or ignored. This inspiration can produce a perfect beginning or a dramatic ending. It can broaden our understanding, enabling us to deepen our characterizations.

Where do writer's find inspiration. My answer is: EVERYWHERE!

While in Galveston, I've compiled a lot of
historical and geographical research that will help me portray a realistic setting for the story I'm currently working on. But just as important are the strange, fanciful, and mundane things that inspire me. While most of these things won't mean anything to anyone but me, they are essential to keeping the windows of my imagination open.

I've included a few of the items in my folder labeled, Inspiration for Current Project. Study them and see if you can imagine a scene that is made deeper, more dramatic, lonelier, happier, hopeless, or intriguing. Imagine how this item could foreshadow an event, a motivation, a reaction, a promise, or a betrayal.

If, in your mind's eye, or the secret place in your heart, you can bring into focus a bit of a scene, a bit of dialogue, a character's reaction, then you've just been inspired. Music, color, texture, natural elements, architecture, and many other everyday items have inspirational possibilities if you just look beyond the reality into 'what could be'. Now, all you have to do is write that in such a way that your reader experiences it also.

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