Monday, January 6, 2014

Are Writers Born Opinionated?

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Absolutely! If you don't believe me, start looking for those opinions in your next few reads. In non-fiction, opinions are readily observable. In fiction, however, a reader must be looking for them. Sometimes they are obvious, most especially in dialogue and setting. At other times, they lurk between the lines or show up in a character's motivation or inner conflict.

A writer's opinion about what's healthy, what constitutes beauty or handsomeness, what is moral, what is humorous, what is relaxing, etc., are all there in the narrative.

Does a writer set out to include their own opinions? Hardly Ever. So why do they show up everywhere? Because a good writer is passionate, committed, and uncompromising when it comes to the story only they can write. These stories come from their experiences, their deeply entrenched beliefs, even their unconscious inclinations.

As a reader, I find it very intriguing to look for these clues to an author's opinions. How about you? Have you discovered this in your own writing, or that of other author's you enjoy reading?

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