Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Author:Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini
Genre: Mystery
Length: 272
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About The Book:
In The Bughouse Affair, the first of a new series of lighthearted historical mysteries set in 1890s San Francisco, former Pinkerton operative Sabina Carpenter and her detective partner, ex-Secret Service agent John Quincannon, undertake what initially appear to be two unrelated investigations. Sabina’s case involves the hunt for a ruthless lady “dip” who uses fiendish means to relieve her victims of their valuables at Chutes Amusement Park and other crowded places.

Quincannon, meanwhile, is after a slippery housebreaker who targets the homes of wealthy residents, following a trail that leads him from the infamous Barbary Coast to an oyster pirate’s lair to a Tenderloin parlor house known as the Fiddle Dee Dee. The two cases eventually connect in surprising fashion, but not before two murders and assorted other felonies complicate matters even further. And not before the two sleuths are hindered, assisted, and exasperated by the bughouse Sherlock Holmes.

Lynda's Review:

This is fun and entertaining, but it didn't capture me on an emotional level. Although I finished the read, the story itself didn't compel me to do so. Since this is the opening book to a series, I felt it was a little on the bland side. However, I've read the second book in the series first and I must say that it was a lot better. So don't give up, should you start with the first book. Keep on reading. These characters will grow on you.

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